Digital Ebooks

CodingJr provides digital e books which has detailed content available.
The e books can be referred 24*7 and are available in a easy to use format.
Digital slides are available for every topic with pictorial representations of the same.
The E-Books are very interactive and self explanatory.

In-App Coding

The app is built with in-app coding facility.
Students dont require laptop and computers for coding.
Cutting edge cloud based computing technology is used to create virtual machines.
Virtual labs are provided to help students to get enough time to practice coding.
This results in reduced hardware and maintenance costs.

Created By IIT & IIM Graduates

We are a team of IIT and IIM graduates who build excellent technology solutions for education. We cater to all the academic and technology needs of one institution. Our products help the institute to digitize and implement technology to make learning easier and more fun.